Update on the Antarctica Climb: She made it.

Student Poorna Malavath took winter break to new heights in late December, climbing to the top of Antarctica’s highest peak, Vinson Massif.

Embarking on the adventure Dec. 21 with a crew of 10, Malavath reached the peak on Dec. 26. This makes six summits around the world she’s completed including Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Everest, the latter of which she’s the youngest woman to climb. Malavath was 13 when she topped Everest in 2014.

Student Poorna Malavath at the peak of Mt. Vinson in Antarctica December 26.

For her most recent trek, Malavath took along a Minnesota State Mankato flag signed by President Richard Davenport. She brought the flag to the summit as a show of gratitude for her American education, Malavath said.

The daughter of a farming family in India, she’s grateful for her time here, she said. The U.S. state department sponsors her year of education at the University.

“I never expected in my life I’d come to the U.S. and be educated here,” Malavath said in the Centennial Student Union a few days before the climb. “It was a great experience making friends internationally,” she said.

“I just want to thank them like this.”

Attending the University for the 2019-2020 school year, Poorna Malavath spent winter break climbing the tallest peak in the Antarctica – her sixth such climb around the world.