Winter wrap-up

Amid a lot of chilly white, University President Richard Davenport and cabinet members handed out some warm purple and gold Tuesday.

In an effort to spread a little sunshine on a morning two days after a blizzard, Davenport and crew handed out hundreds of Minnesota State Mankato knit scarves and hats to students making their way across the campus mall.

A few hundred students were taken by warm surprise Tuesday on the campus mall, where President Richard Davenport and fellow administrators gave away purple and gold scarves and hats.

Eager students met and chatted with the administrators – who stayed busy administering the warm clothing for 90 minutes or so until supplies ran out.

“It’s mostly fun to watch the expressions on the students’ faces, because they’re getting something free,” Davenport said during the giveaway. “Not only that, it’s something with the university’s colors. We always say, ‘Wear it with Pride.’ And they really get the message.”

As he spoke, two students in light clothing (it was merely a few degrees below freezing) stood nearby, observing. Davenport had two scarves ready.

“Hey guys,” Davenport called to them, “you look cold.”