Vietnam era protest documentary now streaming

“Two Weeks in May,” the University-produced documentary on student unrest during the Vietnam war, is now available to stream from Cornerstone, the University's collection of scholarly works. … [Read more...]

COVID History Project Employs Internationals

As the coronavirus pandemic becomes a significant part of world history, the University Archives and Southern Minnesota Historical Center is collecting documentation on how lives connected the … [Read more...]

The Best Of It

Emotions high over Saturday’s commencement alternative If you could multiply Maggie Knier’s heartbreak by about 2,000, it would give you an idea of the task the University took on Saturday to … [Read more...]

Poster Students for Science

“I’m just trying to find my words,” said biology senior Eryn Zuiker. She says this moments after using words such as sintering, hydroxyapatite, osteocalcin and osteopontin in explaining the … [Read more...]

Pressure’s Off

Senior business student Maggie Knier and two new products to her home business. Two graduating seniors have been spending their isolation time manufacturing safety devices to help healthcare … [Read more...]

Big Ideas, Uninterrupted

This year’s Big Ideas Challenge had some challenges of its own navigating in a virtual world, but the contest continued and the showdown on Tuesday yielded not only a winner, but one of the biggest … [Read more...]