Jerry Rae

On July 6, 2013, we held the 50th reunion of the USO touring cast of “Guys and Dolls.” The cast was thrilled with the reunion—we are just as close as we were 50 years ago. The only complaint I heard was that it was too brief. Those who attended the event are are pictured here include (back row, left to right) Dan Udvig, Ron Schimbeno, Greg Rindfleisch, Duane Harves, Clayton Wolf, Leigh Heilman, Bob Koger, Vic DePicciotto, John Svedja and Mike Chial; (front row, left to right) Kenya Broden Ostermeier, Ann Ranstead Kendrick, Jerry Rae Avis King, Sally Hauschild Rindfleisch, Sally Pendergast Hjelle and Sue Chesser Harves

Guys & Dolls 50th 001