After graduation from MSC I taught in Britt, IA, for 2 years, then in Haverstraw-Stony Point, NY. Bob and I were married after he graduated from West Point. He was posted to TX, GA, NJ and then to Vietnam. He made it back safely, which was not true for all his classmates as 1 out of 20 were killed.
Bob resigned from the Army and went on to teach and coach wrestling. He was Iowa’s first 4 time state wrestling champion in high school and All-American in college, so wrestling was a good choice for him. He is now sell-employed with a great nutrition company.
We have 8 children, Eric, an orthopedic surgeon; Keith, attorney for John Deere; Sarah, a veterinarian; Esther, a media specialist at U of MN; Tim, John & Barak, owners of Anchor Builders of MN; and Ella, office manager for Eric’s office in Atlanta.
My sister Karen Iverson, who also graduated from Mankato, and I have done quite a bit of traveling, and plan to continue making these meaningful trips in the future. Would love to see more class notes from the class of 1963.