A Huge Year

Kevin Buisman’s cell phone is rarely quiet. And when it rings, Minnesota State Mankato’s athletic director usually has to respond with a sense of urgency. Like the Saturday morning last December … [Read more...]

Cracking the Code

When a blind student in a computer science class at Minnesota State Mankato found that her screen reader wasn’t very effective in sifting through miles of computer code, she asked for help. That help … [Read more...]

All the Right Moves

In 1968, Robert Cobb was asked to lead the Health Sciences Department at Mankato State College. He accepted the appointment—but during the negotiations he requested that his wife, Florence, be hired … [Read more...]

A Better Place

  On the day after Christmas in 2012, Erma Erikson ’67 was at Mankato’s Reconciliation Park, watching the dedication of a memorial bearing the names of the 38 Dakota men who were hanged in … [Read more...]