All Over The Board

And the award for Best Father’s Day Gift of 2019 goes to Gena Johnson. On that day, her father received a phone-shot video of Gena and her sister wishing him a happy day, although doing the talking … [Read more...]

Data Master Mined

With everybody using everyday technology everywhere, each click, swipe, like and download is noted somewhere in the digital cosmos known as Big Data. And industries of all sorts are paying handsomely … [Read more...]

Jessica Flatequal In Glimpses

It was titled “Farewell Buddy,” and several hundred of her buddies from the University community and beyond took part in the celebration of life for Jessica Flatequal at the Verizon Civic Center April … [Read more...]

Joining the Jet Set

  Student pilots at Minnesota State University, Mankato are getting a first-class upgrade in job opportunities, thanks to Delta and Sun Country airlines. Recent partnerships struck with … [Read more...]

Checking In: Neala Schleuning

  “My goal always was to connect women’s issues with the larger political issues,” Neala Schleuning says. “I was much more political, coming out of the anti-war movement. And we did … [Read more...]

A Place of Business

  An early economic powerhouse for Mankato, Hubbard Milling produced flour, animal feed and jobs for the area throughout the 20th century. In 1968, the company built a four-level office … [Read more...]