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    Honoring a Friend

    By Drew Lyon   Ailee Norton hoped someone was playing a cruel prank when a text message awakened her near the midnight hour on Aug. 1, 2014. “It was a Friday night,” she says, “and I was like, ‘Oh geez, who’s texting me at this hour?’” The text was from a friend of her roommate, Amy Holscher, saying how sorry she was and asking if Norton was okay. A series of frantic messages … Read full article »

    Like a River

    If you know that Emily Rhody Javens ’96, ’01, ’03 comes from a long line of strong women, then you’ll be utterly unsurprised at this: She’s a water resources engineer in a male-dominated field who oversees multi-county projects. The academic path Javens took to that career has been more of a mindful meander than a straight, predictable shot. After graduating from high school in Willmar, Minn., … Read full article »

    An Innovative Idea

    Taylor Corporation recently unveiled a new logo. It’s on the signage at the company’s North Mankato headquarters and positioned at the top of the company’s website as well. That design was conceived of by Khurram Mohammad ’15, one of more than a dozen Minnesota State Mankato students to serve as “innovation architects” at Taylor Corporation’s Innovation Center. The Innovation Center was the … Read full article »

    Change of Plans

    David Backes had a plan for his future when he came to Minnesota State Mankato in the fall of 2003—and it didn’t include hockey. “I was going to get a degree in engineering, go to law school and become a patent lawyer,” Backes says. “Then hockey got in the way.” Backes concedes that he knew that might happen. By the time he came to Mankato, he had already played two years of junior hockey … Read full article »

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    From Pins to Medals

    On the mats of Rummy Macias Wrestling Complex on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, the foundation of an American hero was built. It was there that Tom Block learned what he could be, before becoming all he could be. “The best thing about being a wrestler is that you learn about adversity,” Block says. “You learn what … Read more about Maverick Sports »

  • Emeritus Profile

    All the Right Moves

    In 1968, Robert Cobb was asked to lead the Health Sciences Department at Mankato State College. He accepted the appointment—but during the negotiations he requested that his wife, Florence, be hired as a physical education instructor as well. “I didn’t know it at the time, but my position was … Read full article »