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    Trampoline Blues

    Steve Vonderharr is one of a kind. Vonderharr, who came to Minnesota State Mankato as a gymnast in the 1970s and later served as the head coach of the men’s gymnastic team, also developed an enduring interest in the blues while in Mankato. Now, he may be the lone example of a blues musician with a background in collegiate gymnastics. “There’s not any others that I can think of,” Vonderharr says. “There was a drummer on the gymnastics team, and we were in a band together. But as far as singers go, I think I might be the … Read full article »

    Stephanie Schriock

    Politically Empowered

    Stephanie Schriock ’95 came to Minnesota State Mankato to be an athlete. She wanted to swim competitively, but there weren’t many universities with that option in her home state of Montana. So her parents, who had both graduated from Minnesota State Mankato, suggested she consider their alma mater. But when Schriock arrived on campus and found opportunities to become involved in student government, her plans changed. “Once I got engaged in student politics, my athletic career got pushed to the side,” laughs Schriock. In … Read full article »

    Ben and Amanda

    New Theater Spawns New Connections

    The vision that Amanda White ’02 and Ben Thietje ’01 share for a professional theater in rural Minnesota is getting its first run this summer—and they’re eager to show it off to their fellow Minnesota State University, Mankato alumni. The New Prague-based DalekoArts theater company planned its first Maverick Alumni Night with a performance of “Forever Plaid” on Saturday, July 13. A post-show discussion will follow, and patrons can expect a question or two about why two Twin Cities theater veterans wanted to start a … Read full article »

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    Part of the Family

      In 1977, St. Peter High School senior Bob Bresnahan chose to play baseball for Minnesota State Mankato largely because of a connection he felt with the University’s brand new head coach, Dean Bowyer. Bowyer had a sharp command of the game and an up-front style to coaching, Bresnahan recalls. But the way Bowyer cared about … Read more about Maverick Sports »

  • Emeritus Profile

    Gladys Olson at International Festival in 2012.

    Noticing a Need

    During Olson’s tenure teaching journalism in Minnesota State Mankato’s Mass Communications department, she became increasingly concerned about the isolation she saw some international students endure and the economic struggles they faced outside of the University. Minnesota State Mankato … Read full article »


    A More than Fair Career

    Longtime Minnesota State Mankato professor Bill Bessler spent nearly 40 years at the University, introducing as many as 2,000 students a year to Biology 100. A quick bit of math suggests that during his tenure, tens of thousands of students probably heard him lecture at least once in that general … Read full article »