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    And the Band Played On

    There is no one happier to witness the revival of the Minnesota State Mankato marching band than Clayton Tiede. “A marching band is part of the fabric of university life,” says Tiede, who was the University’s marching band director from 1960 to 1990. “It’s a catalyst for enthusiasm. I was so pleased when I met President Davenport at Homecoming a few years ago and, bless his soul, he … Read full article »

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    Beyond the Building

    Kristine Retherford started each of the presentations she gave to lawmakers over the past two years the same way: “I am a proud alumna of Minnesota State Mankato,” the dean of the College of Allied Health and Nursing, who graduated with a degree in speech pathology in 1973, would say. “Forty years ago, I received my clinical preparation in the exact same footprint that inadequately serves … Read full article »


    Supporting Our Troops

    Dave Wentzel came back from Iraq to live with a roommate whose latest accomplishment was partying with friends. Injured paratrooper Chad Curran felt isolated in a small Iowa town, unable to relate to anyone. Mike McLaughlin bit his tongue listening to the loud but fuzzy wisdom of classmates who’d lived little beyond their dorm rooms. At Minnesota State Mankato, they each found their way … Read full article »

    Kady Johnson

    Dreams Coming True

    Kady Johnson ’13 MA remembers crying the day she was accepted to college. She cried because she hadn’t expected it to be an option for her—and because she didn’t think that she would be able to pay for it. Johnson grew up in a home with limited financial resources. She had no expectation of being able to go to college, but she applied anyway. So when an acceptance letter arrived, she … Read full article »

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    From Pins to Medals

    On the mats of Rummy Macias Wrestling Complex on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, the foundation of an American hero was built. It was there that Tom Block learned what he could be, before becoming all he could be. “The best thing about being a wrestler is that you learn about adversity,” Block says. “You learn … Read more about Maverick Sports »

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    The Shape We’re in

    Where most of us see lines and borders on a map of the United States, Bill Lass sees stories. “Every line has a background story,” he says. “Probably the best way of starting out with any boundary is to keep in mind that every boundary, by its very nature, has two sides.” For more than … Read full article »