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    Inside Information

    What you might not know about the two buildings opening on campus this spring. Clinical Sciences Building The Clinical Sciences Building is a three-story building. But the clerestory adds extra height—and extra sunlight. The building is connected to Ford Hall by an underground tunnel, which was chosen in place of a skyway to preserve the view of Ostrander-Student Memorial Bell Tower … Read full article »

    Ryding the Wave

    Two years ago, when Suzannah Armentrout found out that the 2016 Ryder Cup would be held just 60 miles away from the Minnesota State Mankato campus, she started making phone calls. As a professor in Sport Management, Armentrout immediately recognized that the proximity to such an event was an incredible opportunity for her students. So she called the first number she could find and left a … Read full article »

    Lasting Legacy

    Legacies come in many different forms. Some are tangible, such as a business or a construction project. Some are harder to define or point out. Both are equally important and enduring. The Zachary family’s legacy is education—a continuing thirst for knowledge and eagerness to put what they’ve learned into practice. That’s quite clear from all the successful careers and advanced degrees … Read full article »

    Putting Students First

    You could say that part of Mark Constantine’s job is to keep 15,000 students happy here. As Director of the Centennial Student Union and Student Activities, he oversees what is essentially the heartbeat of student life. A veteran of such work—he was assistant vice president for student a airs at the College of William and Mary and the director of student activities at the University of … Read full article »

    Measuring Up

    S-T Industries in St. James, Minn., manufactures a variety of precision measuring tools and equipment—including micrometers, optical comparators and video inspection systems. Its customers come from a variety of industries, from medical device manufacturers to automotive, aerospace, oil, plastics and other manufacturing companies. The company, which employees about 50 people, was established in … Read full article »

    Game Changer

    Glen Taylor saw a little bit of himself in the shy kid fumbling to ask questions during a high school business class in Sioux Rapids, Iowa. The student, Harley Ries, had no particular interest in business or really much else beyond finishing high school that year. Yet this otherwise unremarkable classroom visit changed the world for Ries. Thanks to Taylor, he is now enjoying his … Read full article »

    Competitive Advantage

    If you’re going to work in the dairy business, you have to get up long before the sun rises. You have to develop an appreciation for the quiet of those lonely pre-dawn hours and get comfortable driving down long country roads alone in the dark. Mark Davis knows those early mornings well. He was up early as a teenager, working for his father’s creamery. He was up early as a college student, … Read full article »

    An UNRL Success Story

    Most college students have enough trouble just juggling course loads, part-time jobs and extracurricular activities. But Michael Jordan has them all beat. While he was at Minnesota State Mankato, he also started his own business: UNRL. “It’s sort of a nightmare,” Jordan says with a laugh. “But I think it’s rewarding, seeing that light at the end of the tunnel and knowing it’s all going to pay … Read full article »

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    Mavericks in Medicine

    It’s too easy to accept the widespread belief that college athletes aren’t academically inclined. After all, permeated in our subconscious is everything pop culture has taught us about “jocks,” mashed up with the vexing stories coming out of major athletics programs on an all-too-regular basis. If you hope to hold on to those … Read more about Maverick Sports »

  • Emeritus Profile

    All the Right Moves

    In 1968, Robert Cobb was asked to lead the Health Sciences Department at Mankato State College. He accepted the appointment—but during the negotiations he requested that his wife, Florence, be hired as a physical education instructor as well. “I didn’t know it at the time, but my position was … Read full article »