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    Scholarships in the nick of time

    In her home country of the Dominican Republic, Ashlie Polanco Medina at one point worked with a nonprofit company that built homes for the poor. It had a profound effect on her and sparked her interest in civil engineering, which eventually led her to Minnesota State Mankato.  Junior Ashlie Polanco Medina was in a financial crisis that threatened the fate of her civil … Read full article »

    Researchers say remote voting is ready. Are we?

    Just a few of many things that are considered personal, private and basically nobody’s business: Our banking transactionsOur sessions with doctors and therapists.Our choices when voting. For the most part, the first two items are frequently and securely done online, particularly in the time of COVID and social distancing. Yet as news footage of people waiting in long lines for hours to cast … Read full article »

    Band of Gold

    Before they met, before they formed a band, before they married, Colin Scharf and Laura Schultz were a couple of grad students at Minnesota State Mankato missing the music they had been making in their respective hometowns. A meeting at a downtown hangout changed that, setting in motion a strong music and personal partnership. In ten years’ time, the two have become not only a married couple … Read full article »

    The Comeback

    As a youth ministry leader, Nick Tofteland had a fun idea for rewarding a fundraising drive that his church kids absolutely crushed: Cruising from one fast food joint to another in a Hummer limo. “It was a horrible, horrible March night. It was one of those nasty, sloppy storms that turned cold real fast,” he recalled. “So I’m hopping out of the car—you literally have to jump out of a Hummer, … Read full article »

    Tales from the Underground

    One highlight of “Cornfield Shipwreck,” a documentary airing on HBO, is alum Emily Ruoff preserving pickles. Reason being, those pickles are a century and a half old, part of a fascinating archeological dig in America’s heartland in the late 1980s. The documentary traces the excavation of the 171-foot Steamboat Arabia, which sunk on the Missouri River in 1856, three years after it was built in … Read full article »

    Family Skies

    It wasn’t just the flying part that made Tabitha Plasschaert choose to follow her mother’s career as a commercial jet pilot. It was seeing her mom so happy going to work. “Just seeing that growing up: A job you love to go to instead of dreading. That was a huge thing for me,” said Tabitha, a Minnesota State Mankato aviation student who recently received her private pilot’s license. She’s now … Read full article »

    The Moment on The Bridge

    Miles Kipper’s time at Minnesota State Mankato gave him two things he put to use on the I-35 bridge on May 31. One was an ability to tear through a mob. That came from years as a rugby player. The second was an immersion with other cultures, races and philosophies. That, too, came from rugby, as well as studying abroad, working around the country and growing up in Minneapolis. Kipper was … Read full article »

    Exit Stage Right: Paul Hustoles retires

    In mid-March, Dr. Paul J. Hustoles and his wife, Mary Jo, were walking along Broadway in New York when he received a text from a student. “Broadway is closed,” the text read. Looking up at the theater marquees showcasing musicals such as “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Come From Away,” it wasn’t clear yet that COVID-19 had extended its menacing reach to one of Hustoles’ favorite places – a place he … Read full article »

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    Mavericks in Medicine

    It’s too easy to accept the widespread belief that college athletes aren’t academically inclined. After all, permeated in our subconscious is everything pop culture has taught us about “jocks,” mashed up with the vexing stories coming out of major athletics programs on an all-too-regular basis. If you hope to hold on to those … Read more about Maverick Sports »

  • Emeritus Profile

    ‘The’ Historian

      How far can curiosity carry you in life? In the case of Dr. William E. Lass, from a one-room country school in South Dakota during the Great Depression smack into writing the first comprehensive history of Minnesota State Mankato—finished when he was nearly 90 years old. The Lass … Read full article »