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    World-Class on Ice

    For the greater Minnesota State University community,  the Winter Olympics in China make it clear again that the University’s performance and reputation in athletics is literally world-class. Nathan Smith and Coach Mike Hastings representing in Beijing. (Photo by Andre Ringuette/HHOF-IIHF Images) This year’s Olympics involves three hockey participants with University ties – an alum, a coach … Read full article »

    MLK’s visit to Mankato in new documentary

    Two years before he gave the historic “I Have A Dream” speech in Washington D.C., four years before the 1965 Voting Rights Act he sought and seven years before being gunned down in Memphis, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave two church sermons and a speech on a November day in Mankato, Minnesota, 1961. Up to this point, records of that visit have been a few newspaper accounts, an audio recording … Read full article »

    Hosting Hockey Day: The University’s vital role

    Having Hockey Day Minnesota 2022 take place at Minnesota State University, Mankato involves a few big firsts. For one, it’s the first time this wildly popular statewide annual event has taken place south of the Twin Cities. And although other colleges have participated in years past, it’s the first time Hockey Day Minnesota will happen directly on a college campus. The event stretches from … Read full article »

    Food giveaway marks a year of Pantry service

    A Thanksgiving meal distribution on Tuesday will mark a year of service for the Maverick Food Pantry, which since opening in winter 2020 has served more than 11,000 University students and is poised to serve more.  Kelly Meier, assistant vice president for Diversity and Inclusion (which runs the pantry along with student government and the Kearney Center for International Student … Read full article »

    Learning the Drill

    School of Nursing students at Minnesota State University, Mankato participated in a mock disaster drill that had first-semester nursing students role-playing as tornado victims and third-semester nursing students responding at the scene.For the scenario, more than 50 first semester nursing students received mock injuries (called moulage) for the purpose of emergency response training.Once the … Read full article »

    ‘A space to get our hands dirty’

    The long, cross-sectioned samples of earth brought in and studied by geography students can reveal how that environment changed over thousands of years, before and after human impact. "So when glaciers were melting and climate was shifting rapidly, what did the soil look like?," said geography professor Mark Bowen. "And since humans have started manipulating soils and utilizing them primarily … Read full article »

    ‘Jumpsuit Project’ artist opens lecture series

    On Wednesday night, a wrongly imprisoned North Carolina artist will be the first guest speaker in a new lecture series created by the University’s department of art and design. Titled Art and Change, the lecture series is designed to bring to campus working artists, scholars and thinkers whose work pushes boundaries and presents art in new, interesting and insightful ways.The series’ inaugural … Read full article »

    Undead Air: Horror film adapted by KMSU

    When Shelley Pierce ’92 decided to attempt a radio version of the film, “Night of the Living Dead,” she knew she’d need some brave souls to come along with her. After all, George Romero’s horror classic is not for the faint of heart, and anyone involved surely would be asked to ponder the notion of people eating other people. The auditions, though, were downright ghastly. Radio drama … Read full article »

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    Two generations of sports information

    Since at least his Mankato high school days, Sean Allan ‘19 knew he wanted a job like his dad’s: Immersed in sports, traveling around the country and working behind the scenes with the teams and with sports media. And it seemed no matter where Sean traveled over the years, he’d hear a common line: “I know your dad.” Father and son Paul … Read more about Maverick Sports »

  • Emeritus Profile

    ‘The’ Historian

      How far can curiosity carry you in life? In the case of Dr. William E. Lass, from a one-room country school in South Dakota during the Great Depression smack into writing the first comprehensive history of Minnesota State Mankato—finished when he was nearly 90 years old. The Lass … Read full article »