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    Vietnam era protest documentary now streaming

    “Two Weeks in May,” the University-produced documentary on student unrest during the Vietnam war, is now available to stream from Cornerstone, the University's collection of scholarly works. Through interviews with former students and faculty, the 2018 documentary chronicles a period in 1972 in which student protests on campus disrupted not only University life but overtook streets and … Read full article »

    COVID History Project Employs Internationals

    As the coronavirus pandemic becomes a significant part of world history, the University Archives and Southern Minnesota Historical Center is collecting documentation on how lives connected the University were affected. Individual pandemic experiences will be included in the archives and made available for future historians and scholars. Many of the collection’s materials will be made freely … Read full article »

    The Best Of It

    Emotions high over Saturday’s commencement alternative If you could multiply Maggie Knier’s heartbreak by about 2,000, it would give you an idea of the task the University took on Saturday to lighten the disappointment of a cancelled Spring graduation commencement ceremony. Knier, along with five others, had been slated to give a commencement speech, hers for the College of Business. Having … Read full article »

    Poster Students for Science

    “I’m just trying to find my words,” said biology senior Eryn Zuiker. She says this moments after using words such as sintering, hydroxyapatite, osteocalcin and osteopontin in explaining the research for which she and fellow student Lindzy Nelson were recognized nationally on April 21. Zuiker and Nelson were selected to present their research in the Council for Undergraduate Research’s … Read full article »

    Pressure’s Off

    Senior business student Maggie Knier and two new products to her home business. Two graduating seniors have been spending their isolation time manufacturing safety devices to help healthcare workers stay comfortable in the frontlines against the coronavirus. Face mask straps attach on side buttons instead of ears. Senior Maggie Knier has been busy creating both products. Maggie Knier has … Read full article »

    Big Ideas, Uninterrupted

    This year’s Big Ideas Challenge had some challenges of its own navigating in a virtual world, but the contest continued and the showdown on Tuesday yielded not only a winner, but one of the biggest audiences yet. And everyone had a good view. Ordinarily held in the Ostrander auditorium in an awards-ceremony atmosphere, the competition of young entrepreneurs for thousands in prize money this … Read full article »

    Dessa Days

    Like her own work, Dessa’s classroom visits crossed disciplines and made an impact “You are in a really special place to get this done,” Dessa told students. At times, she would read from her recent memoir, but the story she told to students over three days of classroom talks was a different kind of read altogether. Call it “Dessa: The Owner’s Manual.” What feeds her head. How she … Read full article »

    Stimulus Underload

    The University’s production of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” is devoting one night’s performance for audience members on the autistic spectrum. As such, this 2015 Tony Award-winning play will on Wednesday, Feb 26 be staged with a mellowing-out of otherwise drastic sound and lighting effects, as well as other content that could otherwise make those with … Read full article »

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    Mavericks in Medicine

    It’s too easy to accept the widespread belief that college athletes aren’t academically inclined. After all, permeated in our subconscious is everything pop culture has taught us about “jocks,” mashed up with the vexing stories coming out of major athletics programs on an all-too-regular basis. If you hope to hold on to those … Read more about Maverick Sports »

  • Emeritus Profile

    ‘The’ Historian

      How far can curiosity carry you in life? In the case of Dr. William E. Lass, from a one-room country school in South Dakota during the Great Depression smack into writing the first comprehensive history of Minnesota State Mankato—finished when he was nearly 90 years old. The Lass … Read full article »