Graduated from the College of Nursing in 1970. Had tours in the active US Army and the reserves until 1978 . Became a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in 1977. Spent wonderful years in most parts of the USA. Returned to active duty in the US Air Force in 1989 and retired from the military in 1999. Worked Locum Tenens for a few years and finally settled in Florida, where my wife and I currently reside, in the Tampa area. I have spent the last several years as the “night walker” at a local hospital doing anesthesia mostly for OB and emergency surgeries. I have exactly 9 nore days to work before I retire from anesthesia for good!
My years at Mankato State were some of the best years of my life. I learned much from my days living and working in the dormitory cafeteria and in the bowling alley that was there at the time. I also lived in the T&C apartment complex in my last couple of years at MSU. I also remember fondly the Department of Nursing personnel at the time. I hope to visit the campus in the next couple of years to “reaquaint” my brain with the campus. GO MSU!!!