I have retired from teaching my entire career (34 years) 6th grade at Truman Elementary School, Truman, MN. When I retired in 2005, I became a volunteer to the Truman Historical Association and have volunteered since at the museum. I have been executive director since 2007. I also am the board secretary. I enjoy it thoroughly. I have 12 elementary classes who visit each spring from our two schools in town. Each class has a different lesson. We also put up a historic marker at the Boynton Ranch site just west of Truman. We researched this millionaire business man, Carlos Nelson Boynton, who raised harness horses and had a 1,200 acre ranch in early 1900.  Also Truman Museum began the Barn Quilt Trail in Martin County. There are 36 barn quilts on the map and many more have been added to the area since. To see the quilt trail designs, go to the Truman City website. The owners have given permission for visitors to drive in and take pictures. I also belong to the Truman Community Club. We are a small club whose goal is to improve the beauty and appeal of our town . We plant flower pots and plan to put up melal quilt designs on our downtown light poles. My husband retired last year after running our business Green Thumb Landscaping for 32 years. We enjoy traveling. My son Tyrone lives and works in the Mankato area. My daughter and her husband and two girls live in Fairmont, MN and both work in Fairmont. My husband and I do a lot of outside work this time of year. We both love trees, shrubs and flowers. We feed the many species of birds on our acreage. We are fortunate to both have good health and are thankful for each day.