A Veteran’s Days

Tillman Award-winner Patrick Nelson's pre-University time was spent in combat. When his phone rang, Patrick Nelson was walking the halls in between classes … [Read more...]

Some Questions for the Teacher of the Year

From a path launched at Minnesota State Mankato, a Teacher of the Year emerges  Jessica Davis, Minnesota's Teacher of the Year. Today she’s Minnesota’s … [Read more...]

A Legacy of Learning

Margo Steck Graves was named for her grandmother—which may help explain why she’s such an impressive young woman. Graves was born Margaret Louise Steck, the namesake of Margaret Preska, who … [Read more...]

All Over The Board

Gena Johnson is dialing in a production career alongside some of America’s best songwriters. And the award for Best Father’s Day Gift of 2019 goes to Gena Johnson. On … [Read more...]

Recording and Reunion

Once fellow students, Lee Henke and Gena Johnson are now artist and producer In 2018, The Last Revel were a Minnesota trio of barnstorming, high-energy bluegrass players touring the country and … [Read more...]

Head of the Class

At first glance, Maggie Knier’s college apartment is pretty typical. Well-worn couches, a large tie-dyed tapestry covering one wall and an assortment of shoes lining the front entry of the modest … [Read more...]