Researchers say remote voting is ready. Are we?

Just a few of many things that are considered personal, private and basically nobody’s business: Our banking transactionsOur sessions with doctors and therapists.Our choices when voting. For the … [Read more...]

Band of Gold

Before they met, before they formed a band, before they married, Colin Scharf and Laura Schultz were a couple of grad students at Minnesota State Mankato missing the music they had been making in … [Read more...]

Tales from the Underground

One highlight of “Cornfield Shipwreck,” a documentary airing on HBO, is alum Emily Ruoff preserving pickles. Reason being, those pickles are a century and a half old, part of a fascinating … [Read more...]

The Moment on The Bridge

Miles Kipper’s time at Minnesota State Mankato gave him two things he put to use on the I-35 bridge on May 31. One was an ability to tear through a mob. That came from years as a rugby player. The … [Read more...]

Exit Stage Right: Paul Hustoles retires

In mid-March, Dr. Paul J. Hustoles and his wife, Mary Jo, were walking along Broadway in New York when he received a text from a student. “Broadway is closed,” the text read. Looking up at the … [Read more...]

COVID and classes: Return of the Masked Mavericks

When it came to academics, feedback from faculty and students at the end of spring semester indicated a return to in-person instruction in some form was desired. “We were hearing from students that … [Read more...]