‘The’ Historian

  How far can curiosity carry you in life? In the case of Dr. William E. Lass, from a one-room country school in South Dakota during the Great Depression smack into writing the first … [Read more...]

All the Right Moves

In 1968, Robert Cobb was asked to lead the Health Sciences Department at Mankato State College. He accepted the appointment—but during the negotiations he requested that his wife, Florence, be hired … [Read more...]

The Shape We’re in

Where most of us see lines and borders on a map of the United States, Bill Lass sees stories. “Every line has a background story,” he says. “Probably the best way of starting out with any boundary … [Read more...]

Noticing a Need

During Olson’s tenure teaching journalism in Minnesota State Mankato’s Mass Communications department, she became increasingly concerned about the isolation she saw some international students endure … [Read more...]

A More than Fair Career

Longtime Minnesota State Mankato professor Bill Bessler spent nearly 40 years at the University, introducing as many as 2,000 students a year to Biology 100. A quick bit of math suggests that during … [Read more...]

Starting from Scratch

Today, at the venerable age of 90, Professor Emeritus Dr. Bob Fonda cheerfully admits that he has seen many milestones over the years at Minnesota State Mankato. One of those would most certainly be … [Read more...]