Lasting Legacy

Legacies come in many different forms. Some are tangible, such as a business or a construction project. Some are harder to define or point out. Both are equally important and enduring. The … [Read more...]

Measuring Up

S-T Industries in St. James, Minn., manufactures a variety of precision measuring tools and equipment—including micrometers, optical comparators and video inspection systems. Its customers come from a … [Read more...]

Competitive Advantage

If you’re going to work in the dairy business, you have to get up long before the sun rises. You have to develop an appreciation for the quiet of those lonely pre-dawn hours and get comfortable … [Read more...]

An UNRL Success Story

Most college students have enough trouble just juggling course loads, part-time jobs and extracurricular activities. But Michael Jordan has them all beat. While he was at Minnesota State Mankato, he … [Read more...]

Seeing Things in a Different Way

When Matthew Stairs steps onto a stage, all eyes are immediately drawn to him. He has a natural stage presence that quickly catches people’s attention. Whether he’s playing a rascally villain or a … [Read more...]

The Tie that Binds

Making His Own Music Shortly after enrolling at Minnesota State Mankato as a music major in 2013, Andrew Grabowska discovered something potentially disastrous about his piano playing. “I have … [Read more...]